Does a Dirty Air Filter Make Your AC Not Work?

Central air conditioning relies on continuous air recirculation to keep your home cool. When the airflow is hindered by a dirty or clogged air filter, it means that your system has to work harder to cool your home. This extra effort leads to higher energy bills and can even damage your AC unit. The purpose of an air filter is to filter out microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, plant spores, mold, and smoke.

If the filter is left clogged for too long, it can restrict airflow and cause the temperature inside the air conditioning unit to drop. This can lead to freezing, which reduces the HVAC system's ability to remove heat from the air and eventually cause the air conditioner to fail. To clean a reusable air filter, remove it from the AC unit and rinse it in warm water. If you notice that your air conditioner has stopped working, contact a local repair technician for a look at the air filter.

People with allergies will suffer if the air filter in the air conditioner is not cleaned regularly. A dirty air filter can also cause your HVAC system to turn on and off more frequently than normal. This is known as short cycling and can be caused by a dirty air filter. If your AC continues to work, licensed technicians can take a look at your air filter and clean or replace it if necessary.

A dirty AC air filter will allow dust, dander, and debris that should be filtered out into your air duct system. Air filters have a nominal cost compared to the cost of repairing or replacing your home's heating and cooling system. Investing in preventive maintenance contracts with Ambient Edge will ensure that you never have to worry about a dirty air filter ruining the performance of your AC unit.